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To whom it may interest,

Welcome to The Foraging Center. This center is a place to explore the botanical aspects of survival, or in other words, how to harvest, process, and identify edible plants. Most of the website is dedicated to the southwestern United States, but I also made an educational class centered on the Great Lakes region. My work on the Southwest has been assembled into a massive ebook that's over 1,300 pages long, and all of those pages are here at The Foraging Center. You see, over the last 25 years I've eaten virtually everything that's edible in the southwestern United States and quite a few things that are edible in the Great Lakes region and documented all those experiences here. So as you're going through the pages, you can be sure that I didn't just write those pages, I actually lived them. Everything is based on experience, and the wild foods are backed up with credible references to their edibility. Now, if you're more interested in the adventure of being out there in the wild, I also made an ebook that highlights some of the more precarious situations that I had to face over the years. I call that ebook "The Two-wheel Botanist," and like everything here at The Foraging Center, there's no charge for reading, watching, or listening to it.

And one last thing for this welcoming message is that The Foraging Center only exists on the Internet. It's not a physical place in the real world, so if you're planning on driving there, well, good luck with that, because you'll be driving around for quite a while—and you won't be getting any closer!

Enjoy the website,



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